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Too many people struggle with pain and injuries. Here at Heumann Chiropractic Clinic, we provide safe and effective treatments that allow you to perform well in life, work, and sports. 

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Chiropractic Care in Livonia, MI

The Livonia, MI, chiropractic care team from Heumann Chiropractic Clinic offers therapy treatments that are tailored for your needs.

Our treatments are designed to make you feel less lethargic, stiff, or strained. With more than 24 years of experience serving patients in the Livonia, MI, area, our practitioners know how to help you relieve any pressure or pain. This goal can be accomplished in several ways.
When you experience pain in your neck, back, head, joints, or muscles, all of these areas of the body are connected to the spine. One minor misalignment could cause a whole host of other health problems. Our staff members are friendly and eager to share information with you about the various treatments we offer in our Livonia facility. Plus, nutrition response testing can help you learn how to make lifestyle changes that could eliminate stressors that may be found in your environment.
The Livonia, MI, chiropractic team from Heumann Chiropractic Clinic wants to alleviate the aches that plague you. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable about a variety of techniques aimed at helping you. We want to see to it that you get some relief in Livonia, MI, soon. That is why we want to get a plan in motion. Schedule your appointment today to get started on the road to relief.

Chiropractic Treatments & Services – Livonia Michigan Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Heumann

 Our Treatment Techniques

Gonstead Technique- Heumann Chiropractic firmly believes in the Gonstead technique, which essentially aims at addressing the whole problem as opposed to simply providing short-term relief. In essence, the Gonstead technique provides a thorough analysis (normally of the spine) that relies on accurate adjustments with careful attention to technique.

Thompson Technique- The Thompson technique utilizes your legs to make adjustments, especially to the patient’s lower back, spine, and pelvis. Chiropractors utilizing the Thompson technique will first examine your leg length and determine if differences in leg length are causing stress to these key areas. Then, alignments are made in the identified area in an effort to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

SOT ( Sacro Occipital Technique)- The SOT technique focuses on the base of the spine, the “sacrum”, and the top of the spine, the “occiput.” This technique is known for its gentle manipulations with a key focus often being to move cerebro-spinal fluid from the sacrum to the occiput. The premise behind SOT is that gentle manipulations can help identify misalignments in your body and sources of poor health, illnesses, or other disorders.

Applied Kinesiology- Applied kinesiology is used to analyze muscle strengths and weaknesses in an effort to determine your overall health. Therefore, treatment aims at increasing muscle strength to solve identified health problems. Applied kinesiology utilized a variety of treatment plans, all designed to eliminate muscle weakness.

Diversified Technique- Diversified technique is a classic chiropractic technique that focuses on correcting subluxations (misalignments in the body) by utilizing a variety of methods often including repeated manual thrusts. This technique is very hands-on, firm, and deliberate; therefore, expect to hear popping sounds as alignments are made.

Conditions We Treat:

Car Accident Injuries, Sprains and Strains, Back Pain, Carpal tunnel, Chronic Headaches, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Herniated Disc, Hip Pain, Joint Dysfunction, Knee Pain, Muscle spasms, Neck Pain, Numbness, Pinched nerve, Ruptured Disc, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Shoulder Pain, Stress, Subluxation,TMJ, whiplash.

Additional Services we Provide:

Nutritional Counseling / Supplements and Weight Loss Services. Perhaps the main benefit of nutritional counseling is the one-on-one interaction between your doctor and you. Losing weight is hard. Losing weight on your own is even harder. When you have a veteran health care provider to assist you, you can rely on his knowledge and scientific approach to comprehensive health and can be encouraged when things get hard. I highly encourage anyone who wants to lose weight to at least talk about doctor-supervised nutritional counseling with a chiropractor and see what plan can potentially work for you.

Family adjustments: Doctor Heumann adjusts adults as well as children. He has adjusted newborn babies all the way up to senior citizens. Several of his patients were children who were brought in by their parents, who now bring their own spouses and children in for chiropractic adjustments.

X-rays: Doctor Heumann has x-ray equipment right in his office. If you come in for an evaluation and he feels that you need x-rays, there is no need to go out for them. He is able to take the x-rays on the spot, develop them, and give you a report that day.

Therapy tables: Dr. Heumann has two therapy tables at this office and if he deems necessary, will put you on the therapy table when you are in for your adjustment.

Hot & cold therapy: We use ice and heat in our office when warranted and advocate home use with the doctor’s instruction as well.

Exercises: Many different types of exercises, depending on your need and condition, may be suggested to you during the course of your care

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"He truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients"

I chose Heumann Chiropractic based on his chiropractic techniques as a referral when I moved here from North Carolina. He listens to your symptoms and uses that to determine what adjustment technique to use. He is available when needed outside business hours for injuries that shouldn’t wait. He keeps up with changes in the industry and tries new things. I refer my friends and family to Heumann Chiropractic!